Bonnyrigg and Lasswade Local History Society Archive

The following inventory covers the collection of papers, photographs, maps and publications held by the Society at Bonnyrigg Public Library.

By kind permission of the Society, copies of some items are also held in the Local Studies department of Midlothian District Council Library Headquarters, Loanhead.

The inventory may be extended in due course to include further accessions.

Catalogued by Midlothian District Council Archives

January 1991

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BL1 / Photographs, slides etc.

1. Notebook: Bonnyrigg and Lasswade Historical Society Slide Index.

2. Two large boxes of slides- see separate inventory.

3. Two small boxes of slides- see separate inventory.

4. Album: scenes of Bonnyrigg and Lasswade.

5. Album: Bonnyrigg views and groups.

6. Album: Photographs, newspaper cuttings, Short History of the Lothian Coal Company (May 1946) etc.

7. Three paper sheets with mounted items; photocopied article from Dalkeith Advertiser April 1989 on Lasswade history, photographs of the Drummond Aisle and Calderwood enclosure at Lasswade Kirkyard, and Lasswade gravestones.

8. Notebook: Register of Slides acquired by the Society.

9. Box of slides - local history.

10. Photograph: Bonnyrigg Police Station.

11. Album: Photographs - Henry Widnell & Stewart, Carpet Makers.

12. Album: Slides - Bonnyrigg and Lasswade.

13. Index cards.

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BL2 / Brochures, Journals Books, Map Sections etc.

1. Graeme Cruickshank: Scottish Pottery Studies, No.1 Scottish Spongeware No.2 Scottish Saltglaze.

2. News from the National Museums of Scotland Winter 1985-86 (2 copies)

3. News from the National Museums of Scotland Spring 1986.

4. Museum Reporter from the National Museums of Scotland Sept/Oct 1988.

5. Ditto Jan/Feb 1989.

6. Ditto July/Aug 1989.

7. Ditto Sept/Oct 1989.

8. Ditto Jan/Feb 1990.

9. Scottish Local Studies Resources A Directory of Publications from Scottish Public Libraries.

10. Local History: February/ March 1906

11. National Library of Scotland folder with information sheets.

12. Scotland's Cultural Heritage - Project poster.

13. By Word of Mouth - Scottish Oral History Group Newsletter no.10 Spring 1985.

14. Extracted article from Scots Magazine Feb 1980 on Rosewell.

15. Brochure: Rosslyn.

16. Booklet: William Drummond- Book Collector and Benefactor, Edinburgh 1985.

17. New Statistical Account - Midlothian: Part 1 "The Western Parishes" 1987

18. As 17; Part 2 The Central Parishes 1988. (Midlothian District Libraries)

19. Nigel Watson: The Last Mill on the Esk Edinburgh 1987.

20. W.S.Hanson & P.A.Yeoman; Elginhaugh - A Roman Fort and its Environs.

21. Folder: Dalmore Digest - papermaking.

22. The History of Papermaking in Penicuik " William Black from a booklet prepared by Penicuik Historical Society.

23. Prestonfield Remembers - An Exploring Living Memory Project: Report on Methodology by Sally Griffiths. Workers' Educational Association.

24. Changed Days - More stories and reminiscences from the Prestonfield Remembers Group 1985.

25. Old Dalkeith Dalkeith History Society 1985.

26. Neubottil - Newbattle (Newbattle High School) (2 copies)

27. History of Penicuik Vol.IV Penicuik Historical Society.

28. A West Lothian Miscellany West Lothian History and Amenity Society 1983.

29. Bonnyrigg & Lasswade - The early days (May 1983). (6 copies)

30. Miscellaneous Leaflets.

31. Map drawn to show Lasswade c1835.

32. Section of OS map (l/2500) Polton, Midfield House, Hewing Cottage etc.

33. Copy plan of coal workings near Bonnyrigg.

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BL3 / Papers relating to Lasswade and Roslin

1. C.Aitchison: Lasswade Parish and Loanhead in the Olden Time Edinburgh 1892 (photocopy)

2. Extracts (PP.97-98 photocopy) on Lasswade Parish Church and gravestones etc. from Inventory of monuments in Midlothian (RCAHMS 1929). (2 copies)

3. Seventeenth century account of the parish of Lasswade - copy (SRO GD90/2/59) 2 photocopies.

4. Illustrations etc. of Lasswade Church and burial aisles, including elevation (National Monuments Record of Scotland), Section (NMRS), architects sketch of aisles and enclosures, views, and extracts from OS Namebook, all in photocopy.

5. The Churchyard Memorials of Lasswade and Pentland - Alan Reid (Proceedings of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland 1907 Vol.XLI)

6. Note on Drummond picture of Lasswade Church, attached to 5.

7. A Lasswade and Roslin Ramble - photocopied article from Dalkeith Advertiser 31.10.1940.

8. Typescript description of cross arm, Lasswade, - mounted on card.

9. Photocopied extract from Directory of Scotland 1831 - mail and stage coaches.

10. Photocopied extract of Lasswade pages from Andrew Fraser's topographical index book (Local Studies, Library Headquarters).

11. Page of interment register, Lasswade (OPR) recording burial of John Clerk of Eldin 1832. (Photocopy).

12. Brief typescript account of Henry Widnell & Stewart Ltd. (Carpets) (Photocopy)

13. A Brief History of Carpets. (Photocopy)

14. Reminiscences of Hugh Anderson (born 1804) concerning the schooldays in Lasswade of his father Charles Anderson (born 1776) and his uncle, Christopher Anderson (born 1780). (Written by Alasdair Anderson) (Photocopy)

15. Andrew Gillon: Covenanter - section from Lasswade U.P. Church Book of the Bazaar 1894. (Photocopy)

16. The Clerks of Eldin - pages from Lasswade U.P. Church Book of the Bazaar 1894. (Photocopy)

17. Two photocopied pages from 1841 Census (Lasswade Parish).

18. Lists (Duplicated) of Scottish Local History titles, and sources for Lasswade history.

19. Typescript account of 'Old Cockpen' by 'Rev.Hardie, minister of Cockpen.

20. 'The Esk Valley Railway' - pages cut from a copy of Forgotten Railways of Scotland by John Thomas 1976.

21. Photocopied pages relating to Lady Grizell Baillie's Household Book from Bright and Early by J B Cairns 1953.

22. Photocopied pages relating to Lasswade Jail from Cockpen Bazaar Book edit. Mrs C J Allan 1897.

23. Photocopied typescript extracts from Dalkeith Advertiser 11.8.1898

24. Pages and transcripts from Lasswade Kirk records (SRO CH2/471) (Photocopy)

25. Photocopied transcripts of Lasswade Kirk records relating to offences parish rules, fighting in Lasswade, games, collection purposes, disorders, and minor offences. (Assembled by Alasdair Anderson)

26. Passage on nicknames photocopied from Bright and Early.

27. Photocopied typescript extract from Dalkeith Advertiser 9.9.1875 on Rosewell and Dalhousie Gymnastic Games.

28. Photocopied pages from Bright and Early: a visit to Lasswade (wedding).

29. The case of Katharine Oswald - witchcraft: photocopied pages from Selected Justiciary Cases 1624-50 Stair Society 1953 (Vol.1 p.130).

30. Sketch of roads near Lasswade as supposed in 1815.

31. Notes and sketch layout of Polton Farm on card. Notes and sketch of Calderwood enclosure, Lasswade. November 1989.

32. Photocopied note on houses and shops at Lasswade.

33. Typescript copy note on Dalhousie Castle.

34. Sleeve containing newspaper cuttings, an extract from Lothian papers (SRO), original postcard photograph of Bonnyrigg Town Council at Katie's Well, May 1904 and coloured illustration of velvet pile table cover by Henry Widnell & Stewart Ltd.

35. Original historical notes on Bonnyrigg and Lasswade by Alasdair Anderson including:

Note on place name Bannockrigg/Bonnyrigg.

Notes on Bonnyrigg.

Notes on carpets, churches and chapels.

Barony of Polton, Andrew Gillon, Melville, Barony of Lasswade, Pendreich, Viewfield, Eldin, Hillhead listed places, people, events etc., possibly from Council minutes or newspapers.

Tax in 1781 etc.

Government report on, Prisons 1933; Pubs, Lasswade parish poor, trades, etc. in 1851.

Lasswade schools.

Paper and other mills.


Lasswade Posting Establishment, societies, miscellaneous

Council activities, Gymnastic Games, house conditions etc.

St Ann's - from distillery to carpet factory

Lasswade Valuation Roll.

Hearth Tax.


Ministers of Lasswade Parish church and of Strathesk church, trades, Swannie family, large houses, shops, employment in 1861.

Viewfield, Viewpark, Viewbank, Pendreich

Lasswade in the 1920s - by a student teacher.

Churches in Lasswade

Roads and Coaches in Lasswade

Katherine Oswald - accused of witchcraft

36. Ground Plan of Lasswade Parish Church April 1843 (Photocopy)

37. Plan of the Old Burying Ground at Lasswade 1888. (4 photocopies)

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BL4 / Local Accounts, Family History

1. Scrapbook of newspaper cuttings - The Flood in Berwickshire and the Borders August 1940.

2. Starting and running a Local History Society - by William Munro (in folder).

3. Excerpts from "Midlothian A Brief History of the District to 1955" by Andrew Fraser.

4. Photocopy of The Geology of the Midlothian Coalfield (Chapter XI) Geological Survey of Great Britain HMSO 1958.

5. Scottish Museums Council: Report A Community Museum Service for Midlothian (3 copies), with copy of letter from Chief Executive, Midlothian District Council to Dr M Noble, Bonnyrigg.

6. Scottish Museums Council; 'Contact' Issue no.1 Autumn 1984; Report 1984; Scottish Museum News August/September 1984,

7. Scottish Local History Conference/Forum; newsletters and papers including journal "Scottish Local History" nos.1-12 (5 wanting?)

8. Memorial to William Drummond of Hawthornden Edinburgh 1894 (privately printed).(Photocopy)

9. "Eight Generations of the Ross Family" - by Ross Davidson October c1987 (complete photocopy)

10. Photocopy of Daybook of Alexander Mutter c1795, with family history details, recipes, events.

11. Photocopy of account of Mutter family (19th century).

12. Photocopies of two Mutter family trees.

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BL5 / Local History Society Records

1. Members Borrowing record book, with Office Bearers 1984-85.

2. Society Acquisitions Book.

3. Card with identifications of people in a photograph of crowning the "Queen" in the Bonnyrigg Festival. (Photograph now removed)

4 Notebook: record of Society meetings and members - early 1990s.

5. Society's first newsletter Dec.1982; minutes of first AGM 18.5.1983; minutes of Committee meeting 7.5.1987.

6 Copy of typescript; Bonnyrigg - in the past- by ex-provost Moncrieff January 1971.

7. 'Afoot in Midlothian' - brief notes compiled for the Midlothian School Trek Camps by Andrew Fraser 1952.

8. Burgh of Bonnyrigg: centenary Exhibition 1865-1965 Lists and Photographs, some of the latter mounted on card with people identified see 3 above.

9. Photocopies of two receipts: (a) 2.11.1888 Gorebridge: Mr William Graham to Peter Smith, joiner, for a coffin. (b) 18. 4.1898 Bonnyrigg Representatives of the late Mr W Bryson to Steven and Stoddart, Joiners etc., for a coffin.

10. Folder of newspaper cuttings.

11. Folder containing: -

Note of eight printed works relating to Bonnyrigg area.

Amended bibliographical list relating to Scottish Local History and the history of Lasswade.

Postcard: Opening Ceremony, Broomieknowe Golf Course 31.3.1906.

Three letters from Barbara Howden, Edinburgh, to Dr M.Noble (13.7.1986, 22.7.1986) and Mrs Dickinson (12.1.1987), on whereabouts of Lasswade burial records and researching family history, with extracts in photocopy from Modern Scottish Poets on Robert Howden.

A History of the Fairfield District, with reference to Bonnyrigg, Australia. Extracts from the Drummonds of Hawthornden by Rica Erickson 1975, with notes by Dr M Noble.

Letter from Mrs J W Wilson, SDD (Ancient Monuments), to Mr G R Campbell regarding Cockpen Old Parish Church, and letters on this subject to Mrs C Murphy, Secretary, Bonnyrigg & Lasswade Historical Society, from the Factor, Dalhousie Estates, and the Director of Administration Midlothian District Council, both 13.4.1983.

Letter from Senior Museum Assistant, National Museum of Antiquities, to Dr M Noble, regarding photographs of a food vessel from Dobbie's Knowe 13.6.1984.

12. Folder: Minutes of Bonnyrigg Homing Society 1920-1948.

13. Folder containing:

Leaflet - The Parish of Newton; a brief history.

Local History Publication: Punishment and Crime in East Lothian 1600-1800 East Lothian District Library Service.

Letter from Director of Planning, Midlothian District Council, to Mrs Helen Dickinson, Secretary, Bonnyrigg & Lasswade Local History Society, re Bonnyrigg and Loanhead Local Plan, with information sheet, 19.11.1985.

Letter from Chief Executive Midlothian District Council, to Secretary, Bonnyrigg & Lasswade Local History Society, re Town Council Coat of Arms, with copy of seal 8.1.1986.

Postcard: Bonnyrigg and District Brass Band c1910; with James Tait, provost, identified.

Photocopy of page on Rev.David Lindsay - from Cockpen Bazaar Book 1897.

Copy SDD Listed buildings in Midlothian sheet - Burial Aisles and Enclosures, Old Lasswade Kirkyard, and Pittendreich House. Photocopy Certificate of Sheriff re Church and Manse, Lasswade, 1928.